Coastal Road Trip - Sky

Our Plan

  • We are embarking on a road trip clockwise all the way around the the UK coast (mainland England, Wales & Scotland), trying to stay as close to the coast as practically possible.
  • Exploring local towns, villages, castles, beaches, lighthouses, piers, events...etc.
  • It will take 49 days (7 weeks x 7 days), driving about 120 miles a day.
  • We started at Cardiff, and are driving clockwise around the coast to Ipswich in one 35 day stretch from early August to mid September 2017.
  • Then we will finish the final 14 days split over several long weekends later this Autumn 2017.
  • Staying at reasonably priced hotels, B&Bs and the occasional hostel.

Somewhere to live

  • Why this road trip?!
  • We were looking for a new road trip idea over a beer in a pub one evening earlier this year, this seemed like as good an idea as any.
  • But also, and probably more importantly, we want to look for a new location to live, as well as agree on places we would rather not live!

A fun experiment

  • This whole adventure is a bit of a fun experiment too, including the website, blog and social sites.
  • We are curious to see what works, what doesn’t, if this is something we can build on, maybe add other coastal road trips, maybe even make a small business out of it.
  • This blog is starting simple, but we would like to add new features soon, such as: email sign-up, maps, reviews and booking links.
  • Let’s see how it evolves…

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