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Julian, Road Trip Car and Jarno

We are Julian (the English one on the left) and Jarno (the Dutch one in the car), we LOVE to travel, especially road trips.
Most recently we visited all 47 prefectures of Japan, and previously visited all 50 states of the USA.
Between us we’ve also travelled through most European and Asian countries, as well as: Aruba, Australia, Bonaire, Brazil, Canada, Curacao, Fiji, India, Mexico, Morroco, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey.

We have lived and worked in the UK, the Netherlands, Japan and USA, where we got married in San Francisco a few years back.
When Jarno’s not travelling he lectures in Event Management, and also runs our sister website EventTutor.com.
Julian has spent most of his working life in marketing, travelling around the world for a large Japanese corporate.
But very recently switched career paths, and is now starting up this web blog and spending more time on his financial trading hobby.

Pleased to meet you!


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If you have any suggestions (places to visit, blog corrections, improvement ideas, etc…), then please don’t hesitate to email us: hello@coastalroadtrip.com