Day 17 – Strontian to Broadford

Exciting day today.  We’re on our way to the Isle of Skye, which we have wanted to visit for many years.  But we’ll start the day heading west, before continuing north.


Photo of the day

Coastal Road Trip, Road to Aird of Sleat, Yellow boat
So tranquil, along the road to the Aird of Sleat.



Coastal Road Trip, Ardnamurchan Sign
On our way to Ardnamurchan, the most westerly point on the British Mainland.
Coastal Road Trip, Road to Ardnamurchan, Julian, Jarno
Quick photo stop.
Coastal Road Trip, Ardnamurchan, Julian, Jarno
And we arrived!
Coastal Road Trip, Ardnamurchan, EV, Electric car charge point
…and despite being literally on the edge of the land we could have charged our electric car (handy, if we had one).
Coastal Road Trip, Ardnamurchan, Mingary Castle
Mingary Castle, we couldn’t visit as the ruin was under renovation.
Coastal Road Trip, Ardnamurchan Lighthouse
Yay!  Another lighthouse.  Of course we couldn’t visit this most westerly point without dropping by on Ardnamurchan Lighthouse.  The only Egyptian style lighthouse in the UK.   This one was open to the public and had a small museum, we had a little look around before realising that we were meant to pay…



Coastal Road Trip, Ardslignish, Bay
Driving back east we came to this little bay near Ardslignish, and look.. cows sunbathing on the beach.
Coastal Road Trip, Ardslignish, Bay, Beach, Cows
Scottish cows do seem to enjoy the beach, well why not?
Coastal Road Trip, Ardslignish, Rolling roads
Beautiful views along the country lanes.



Coastal Road Trip, Ardtoe, Beach writing
Doing a bit of marketing, however absolutely no one else around at the secluded beach near Ardtoe, so not sure who we were marketing too… 😉


Loch Ailort

Coastal Road Trip, Loch Ailort
Views down Loch Ailort.  After a very quiet morning (which we loved), all of a sudden it started getting busier as we joined the rest of the road trippers heading to Mallaig to get the ferry over to the Isle of Skye.


Mallaig to Armadale

Coastal Road Trip, Mallaig to Armadale Ferry, Julian & Jarno
A bit of a chilly sail over to Armadale on the Isle of Skye.
Coastal Road Trip, Mallaig to Armadale Ferry, Scenery
But what dramatic scenery looking up the Sound of Sleat.


Aird of Sleat

Coastal Road Trip, Road to Aird of Sleat
Along the road to the Aird of Sleat, the most southerly point of the Isle of Skye.
Coastal Road Trip, Road to Aird of Sleat, Yellow boat
Loving the Isle of Skye already, and only been here 15 minutes!  Next stop Broadford for the first of 3 nights on the Isle of Skye.



Coastal Road Trip, Broadford, Baked beans on toast, Julian, Jarno
In a hostal tonight, so we treated ourselves to baked beans on toast 😉


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