Day 33 – Hull to King’s Lynn

Despite a bright start to the morning, the weather was pretty miserable for the rest of the day,  so maybe we didn’t see the coast from Hull to King’s Lynn in its best light.  However, as usual we made the most of the day, rain or shine!


Photo of the day

Coastal Road Trip, Cleethorpes, Rollercoaster, Green Dragon
A dragon in its natural habitat on the beach at Cleethorpes.


New Holland

Coastal Road Trip, New Holland, Station, Railway, Jarno
After leaving Hull, we found New Holland on the map just south of the River Humber.  Perfect for a quick Dutch photo opportunity at the local (very quiet) station in the middle of the docks.


Thornton Abbey

Coastal Road Trip, Thornton Abbey
After a short ten minutes drive through the North Lincolnshire countryside we arrived at the remains of the Augustinian Thornton Abbey.  The fortified gatehouse, considered to be one of the finest in England.



Coastal Road Trip, Killingholme, Station Road, Lighthouses
Heading down a bumpy lane alongside the River Humber, trying to find the Killingholme Lighthouses, something told us we probably weren’t meant to be down here…
Coastal Road Trip, Killingholme, Killingholme North Low Lighthouse
Killingholme North Low Lighthouse, looking a little unloved.
Coastal Road Trip, Killingholme, Killingholme South Low Lighthouse
Its sister, the Killingholme South Low Lighthouse, wedged between a waterworks, coal docks and the Humber.
Coastal Road Trip, Killingholme, Killingholme High Lighthouse
And finally its big brother, Killingholme High Lighthouse in the middle of the waterworks.  As we really weren’t sure if we should be here, we took some quick photos, then got back on the road to Grimsby.



Coastal Road Trip, Grimsby, View from Cleethorpes
The view back to Grimsby from the north end of the promenade at Cleethorpes.  Not the most inviting view.  Grimsby once had the largest fishing fleet in the world, but lost that crown in the Iceland cod wars.  However, it still has the UK’s largest fish market.



Coastal Road Trip, Cleethorpes, Rollercoaster, Green Dragon
The view from our car as we sat eating our lunchtime sandwiches.
Coastal Road Trip, Cleethorpes Pier
Cleethorpes Pier, now the largest fish & chip shop in the country!


Saltfeetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes

Coastal Road Trip, Saltfeetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes, MOD Sign
We only stopped briefly at the dunes and mudflats, as the sign put us off a little….



Coastal Road Trip, Mablethorpe, Beach, Lifeguard
A very quiet day for the lifeguard at Mablethorpe, as we arrived he was already packing up for the day.
Coastal Road Trip, Mablethorpe, House of Terror, Haunted House, Beach, Amusements
Things that go bump in the night at Mablethorpe…
Coastal Road Trip, Mablethorpe Rock
Checking out the local delicacy…


Chapel St Leonards

Coastal Road Trip, Chapel St Leonards, Chapel Point
Stripey beach huts at Chapel Point Beach, quite a contrast to the Second World War defences that they had replaced.



Coastal Road Trip, Skegness, Fantasy Island
We entered Skegness from the north via Fantasy Island…. which was a kind of a surreal place.  Roller-coasters towering above static caravans as far as the eye could see.  We’re big roller-coaster fans, but not today…
Coastal Road Trip, Skegness, Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve
Driving through Skegness we reached Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve to the south, and its sleek new information centre overlooking the dunes and marshes.  The area couldn’t have felt more different than the more commercial parts of Skegness.  Variety… that’s the great British seaside for you! 😉
Coastal Road Trip, Skegness, Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve, Boats
Boats moored along the very muddy (and slippery) Steeping River.


Wainfleet All Saints

Coastal Road Trip, Wainfleet All Saints, Barkham Street
Stopping briefly at the early Victorian Barkham Street in Wainfleet All Saints.  A street you would expect to see in London, and probably not in a small Lincolnshire town.



Coastal Road Trip, Boston, St Botolph's Church
As we drove to King’s Lynn for the evening we decide to make our final stop of the day at Boston.   As we approached through the flat fens we were drawn towards the huge 83m high St Botolph’s Church tower (AKA Boston Stump) sticking out on the horizon.  Considered to be the largest parish church in England (actually we assumed it was a cathedral).
Coastal Road Trip, Boston, Old town streets, Goodbarns Yard, Pub
A lovely cozy market town feel to the cobbled lanes around the church.


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