Day 34 – King’s Lynn to Lowestoft

On day thirty-four, after a walk around King’s Lynn, we got back on the road and headed for The Queen’s home at Sandringham (our third royal location on our trip).  We then continued along the Norfolk coastline to Lowestoft, with plenty of windmills and lighthouses along our journey.  We packed a lot into today.


Photo of the day

Coastal Road Trip, Sheringham, The Mo Museum, Mural, RNLI, Coast Guard
Amazing street art at Sheringham.



Coastal Road Trip, Sandringham, Queen, Julian, Jarno
Popping in for tea with the Queen at her Sandringham Estate.  We were the first to finish the house tour that morning… speedy!  Mind you, we halved the average visitor age 😉
Coastal Road Trip, Sandringham, Racing Horse, Estimate, Sculpture
Some of The Queens’s favorite things, starting with racing horses.  Estimate, who won the Gold Cup at Royal Ascot.
Coastal Road Trip, Sandringham, Queen's Dog, Black Labrador, Sandringham Brae, A Gentleman Amongst Dogs,
A whole series of stones set in the garden walls, remembering The Queen’s dogs, with lovely little messages.
Coastal Road Trip, Sandringham, Rolls Royce, Queen's Car, The Spirit of Ecstasy, Flying Lady
The stunning ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ adorning one of the Rolls Royce bonnets.
Coastal Road Trip, Sandringham, St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Lychgate, Gate, Jarno
Jarno giving a royal wave in the Lychgate of St Mary Magdalene’s Church, where The Royal Family normally attend the Christmas Day service.
Coastal Road Trip, Sandringham, St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Ceiling
The beautiful ceiling of the 16th century church.
Coastal Road Trip, Sandringham, Main Gates, Diana Tribute, Flowers
It was the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana.
Coastal Road Trip, Sandringham, Main Gates, Diana Tribute, Flowers
Many tributes had been left at the Sandringham gates.
Coastal Road Trip, Sandringham, Woodland, Country Park
Driving through the tranquil Sandringham Country Park.



Coastal Road Trip, Norfolk Lavender, Flowers
We made a quick stop at Norfolk Lavender set among 100 acres of lavender fields (yes, we know this isn’t lavender).  However, we’d just missed the lavender blooming season (June to August), so made do with a quick walk around their cottage garden.



Coastal Road Trip, Hunstanton, Beach
Hunstanton Beach, the only holiday town beach in Norfolk that faces west, so great for viewing the sunset (if we’d been later in the day).
Coastal Road Trip, Hunstanton, Lighthouse
The Old Hunstanton Lighthouse built in 1840.  Its predecessor had the world’s first parabolic reflector in 1776.


Burnham Overy Staithe

Coastal Road Trip, Burnham Overy Staithe, The Tower Windmill, National Trust
Windmills became a common sight as we drove along the Norfolk coastline.  The Tower Windmill at Burnham Overy Staithe, a pretty cool National Trust holiday let.



Coastal Road Trip, Holkham Hall, North Gate
We decided not to visit Holkham Hall, as we’d already spent quite some time in the morning at the Sandringham Estate.  So we made do with just viewing Holkham Hall’s North Gate instead.



Coastal Road Trip, Wells-next-the-Sea, The Quay. East Fleet
The very busy (with tourists) and picturesque Wells-next-the-Sea, with its impressive granary malting building and huge canter-levered gantry.



Coastal Road Trip, Blakeney, Blakeney National Nature Reserve, National Trust, Boats
More picturesque villages as we drove along the coast to Blakeney, where we stopped for a coffee at the National Trust run Blakeney National Nature Reserve.  The largest seal colony in England, and a very important breeding ground for grey seal pups in the winter months.


Cley next the Sea

Coastal Road Trip, Cley next the Sea, Cley Windmill, Julian, Jarno
We almost gate-crashed a wedding party staying in Cley Windmill.



Coastal Road Trip, Sheringham, Sheringham Beach
As we stopped to take photos in Sheringham several locals asked if they could help us.  Very friendly, or we just looked lost.
Coastal Road Trip, Sheringham, The Mo Museum, Mural, RNLI, Coast Guard
Amazing street art murals on the walls outside the local Mo Museum.
Coastal Road Trip, Sheringham, The Mo Museum, Mural, Fishermen
Fishermen posing for street art.
Coastal Road Trip, Sheringham, Street Art, Tony Nelson, Town Criar
In memory of the local town crier.



Coastal Road Trip, Cromer, Pier
The Victorian Cromer Pier, famous for its end of the pier variety show, the last remaining one in the UK.



Coastal Road Trip, Trimingham, Remote Radar Head Trimingham
The radar station at  Trimingham (AKA Trimingham Golf Ball).  This location was established in the early 1940s to detect low flying German aircraft and E-boats.



Coastal Road Trip, Mundesley, Beach Huts
More colorful beach huts along Mundesley Beach.
Coastal Road Trip, Mundesley, Stow Mill, Windmill
Stow Mill, the local corn windmill, just outside of Mundesley village, now another holiday let.


Happisburgh Lighthouse

Coastal Road Trip, Happisburgh, Happisburgh Lighthouse
After driving through yet another lovely Norfolk village, we arrived at the very handsome Happisburgh Lighthouse across the fields.  It’s the only independent lighthouse (run by local volunteers) in Great Britain, and the oldest working one in East Anglia.



Coastal Road Trip, Horsey, Horsey Windpump, National Trust
Eerie lighting as the dark rain clouds passed over us at the National Trust’s Horsey Windpump.



Coastal Road Trip, Winterton-on-Sea, Winterton Lighthouse
As we drove past Winterton-on-Sea, we noticed this lighthouse protruding above the coastal houses.  As we got close we realised it was also now a private home (holiday rental), so just took a quick photo from a neighbour’s drive and continued on our way.



Coastal Road Trip, Caister-on-Sea, Beach, Pink Tractor
Whilst hunting down a fish & chip shop for our dinner, we came across brightly painted fishermen’s tractors behind the beach at Caister-on-Sea.


Great Yarmouth

Coastal Road Trip, Great Yarmouth, Pirates, Rainbow
Great Yarmouth pirates on the lookout for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Coastal Road Trip, Great Yarmouth, Caesars Palace
No, we are not in Las Vegas.  It’s the other Caesars Palace, the one in Great Yarmouth.
Coastal Road Trip, Peel Ports, Wind Turbine, Wing, Blade
Finally, as the night closed in, we drove south along Great Yarmouth’s promenade reaching Peel Ports.  Giant wind turbine blades were sitting ready to be shipped to an off-shore wind farm.  Next stop, down the road at Lowestoft for the night.


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