Day 12 – Stranraer to Greenock

Day twelve already!  Getting deeper in to Scotland as we head for Greenock (just west of Glasgow).


Photo of the day

Coastal Road Trip, Ardrossan, Flowers



Coastal Road Trip, Stranraer, Lighthouse
A small lighthouse peeping over the shorline between the ferry terminals on Loch Ryan.



Coastal Road Trip, Ballantree, Pirates
Scottish pirates?  Unlikely today in the quiet (almost empty) and the slightly smelly harbor of Ballantree.



Coastal Road Trip, Lendalfoot, A77
Impressive views north along the coastal A77 road just before Lendalfoot.



Coastal Road Trip, Girvan
What a great backdrop to Girvan.  A few miles further on we tried to get close to Turnberry Lighthouse, unfortunately it’s now surrounded by a luxury Trump hotel and golf course, so we gave up…


Culzean Castle

Coastal Road Trip, Culzean Castle, Julian, Jarno
The super impressive Culzean Castle, both inside and out.  National Trust Scotland have clearly invested in the property and the facilities.
Coastal Road Trip, Culzean Castle, Arms
One way to show off the Kennedy family arms.



Coastal Road Trip, Denure Castle
The remains of the small castle just as you enter Denure.



Coastal Road Trip, Alloway, Burns Cottage
Just before Ayr, we arrived at the birthplace of the Scottish poet Robert Burns (this cottage).
Coastal Road Trip, Alloway, Burns Cottage, Maggpie, Tam, Sculpture
A sculpture of Maggpie the horse and Tam, from the Burns poem Tam o’ Shanter.



Coastal Road Trip, Ardrossan, Flowers
Lovely flower displays on the seafront brightening up a rather dull Ardrossan.



Coastal Road Trip, Portencross, Trees
Hourglass figured trees on the road to Portencross Castle.
Coastal Road Trip, Portencross Castle, Julian, Jarno
Portencross Castle, and it started to absolutely pour down with rain, so surprised we managed to get any pictures at all of this 1300s castle.



Coastal Road Trip, Hunterston, Cranes
Looking back from Fairlie to the silhouette of the cranes at the coal handling port of Hunterston Terminal.



Coastal Road Trip, Largs, Rainbow
As the rains cleared and the evening sun burst through the clouds, a huge rainbow appeared over Largs, which seemed a surprisingly busy holiday town.


Cloch Point

Coastal Road Trip, Cloch Point Lighthouse
Just before arriving at Greenock for the night, we made a quick stop at Cloch Point Lighthouse overlooking the Firth of Clyde, and now someones home.


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