Day 11 – Newton Stewart to Stranraer

Day eleven, wow the days are flying by, today we drove 135 miles from Newton Stewart to Stanraer… with quite a bit of rain to keep us company.  Hence, the grey-ness of several of today’s photos.


Photo of the day

Coastal Road Trip, Drummore, Clown Scarecrow
Drummore Scarecrows



Coastal Road Trip, Wigtown
A sleepy little town curiously full of bookshops, and it turned out to be the book capital of Scotland.



Coastal Road Trip, Garlieston
For a small village it had 2 bowling greens, which may have been a good indicator of the towns demographics. Weirdly, according to the price list on the bowling green hut, men are charged more than women to play.


Isle of Whithorn

Coastal Road Trip, Isle of Whithorn, St Ninian's Chapel
St Ninian’s Chapel from about the 1300’s, but still in pretty good condition, and look at those thick walls.
Coastal Road Trip, Isle of Whithorn, Lighthouse
Not the most attractive of lighthouses, but we added it to our collection.
Coastal Road Trip, Isle of Whithorn, Swings
Swings with a view.



Coastal Road Trip, Whithorn Priory
Whithorn Priory, founded in the 400s in Whithorn, considered to be Scotland’s oldest Christian settlement.


Barsalloch Fort

Coastal Road Trip, Barsalloch Fort view
Not much left of the this fort on top of a hill, so here are the views south east to Point of Leg.


Chapel Finian

Coastal Road Trip, Chapel Finian
OK, you’ll have to use your imagination for what this chapel previously looked like.



At the remains of Glenluse Abbey it was so wet and stormy Jarno decided it would be better to stay in the car.  Julian ventured out and took a look around despite a closed sign – maybe due to the weather?



Coastal Road Trip, Drummore, Welcome Scarecrow
On the way to the Mull of Galloway we passed through Drummore, eerily full of scarecrows in costumes, a local competition.  Here are the winners according to
Coastal Road Trip, Drummore, Clown Scarecrow
Third place
Coastal Road Trip, Drummore, Chimney Sweep Scarecrow
Second place
Coastal Road Trip, Drummore, Sheep on bike Scarecrow
First place, what a winning combination a sheep on a bike with a cuddle me jumper.


Mull of Galloway

Coastal Road Trip, Mull of Galloway Lighthouse, Sign
The most southerly point of Scotland at the Mull of Galloway lighthouse.  And it was super windy!  Some directions for you…
Coastal Road Trip, Mull of Galloway Lighthouse, Certificate, Julian, Jarno
Certificates for climbing, amazing views from the top.  Unfortunately the photographer missed to include the full lighthouse in the photo… doh! 😉

Finally got our Coastal Road Trip blog online! First 4 days in Wales (Cardiff to Dolgellau), though we're now in Scotland… so more to follow. Check it out:

Posted by Julian Sheard on Freitag, 18. August 2017

(not sure why the Facebook text is shown in German here.. I will hopefully work out how to correct)


Port Logan

Coastal Road Trip, Port Logan, Old Stone Lighthouse, Bell tower
Old stone lighthouse with a bell tower on Port Logan Pier.



Coastal Road Trip, Portpatrick, Stormy sea
Stormy seas crashing over the rocks at Portpatrick, a larger town than we had expected in this fairly remote area.
Coastal Road Trip, Portpatrick, MV Princess Victoria Memorial
A bit of a curious choice of memorial for the MV Princess Victoria sinking.
Coastal Road Trip, Portpatrick, Lighthouse
The Portpatrick Lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour.


Black Head

Coastal Road Trip, Black Head, Lighthouse, Cows
The locals keeping an eye on us as we approached Black House Lighthouse.
Coastal Road Trip, Black Head Lighthouse
As close as we could get, as it turned out to be someone’s house.


Corsewall Point

Coastal Road Trip, Corsewall Point Lighthouse
Yes, it does look similar to the other lighthouses painted yellow and white, but it is a different one, honest.  Corsewall Point Lighthouse seemed to be a hotel, but mysteriously no one was around… so we left, and headed to Stranraer for the night.


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  1. Like the music! Interesting to see how many different lighthouse designers there are. I wondered if you will see all of them and if so you could compile a book on them…assuming no one else has. Lots of good sketching opportunities too! 😉

  2. I meant ‘designs’ not ‘designers’ but even so there must have been a fair few architects and engineers involved given the range of designs!

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