Day 28 – Aberdeen to Glenrothes

Wow, another beautiful day in Scotland.  We will spend the morning in Aberdeen, before following the coastline down to Dundee, then across to St Andrews, before cutting slightly inland for the evening at Glenrothes.


Photo of the day

Coastal Road Trip, Montrose, Scurdie Ness, South Esk, Lighthouse
Scurdie Ness Lighthouse.



Coastal Road Trip, Aberdeen, The Listener, Sculpture, Trumpet, History, Urban Myth
Exploring some street sculptures in Aberdeen centre, here the trumpet like ‘The Listener’.
Coastal Road Trip, Aberdeen, William Wallace, Statue, Aberdeen St. Mark's Church of Scotland
The Scottish knight Sir William Wallace, with the dome of St. Mark’s Church in the background.
Coastal Road Trip, Aberdeen, St. Mary's Cathedral
St. Mary’s Cathedral, a service was in progress, so we didn’t go in.
Coastal Road Trip, Aberdeen, River Dee, City Scape, Torry Point Battery, Jarno
Jarno viewing his empire.  OK, just checking out the view over Aberdeen and the River Dee from Torry Point Battery.
Coastal Road Trip, Aberdeen, River Dee, Torry Point Battery, South Breakwater, Ship
A ship leaving the bustling Aberdeen Harbour past the South Breakwater.
Coastal Road Trip, Coast Road, Doonies Farm, Cove, Road, Train Track, Path, Bridge
And the same ship in the distance as we drove south along the coast road out towards Cove.  A road, railway line and footpath all following the same coastal route out of Aberdeen.


Dunnottar Castle

Coastal Road Trip, Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven
The remains of the medieval Dunnottar Castle perched on near vertical cliffs over the North Sea.  It was super busy this Saturday lunchtime.  As we had a long way to travel still, we didn’t stay long, continuing on towards Stonehaven.


Catterline Bay
Coastal Road Trip, Catterline Bay, Todd Head Lighthouse
The almost perfect arc of Catterline Bay, with Todd Head Lighthouse peeking over the headland in the far distance.


Scurdie Ness

Coastal Road Trip, Montrose, Scurdie Ness, South Esk, The Beacons
Just past Montrose we parked up at Ferryden, then walked along the South Esk River to the old nautical navigation beacons.
Coastal Road Trip, Montrose, Scurdie Ness, South Esk, Lighthouse
Then around the corner we arrived at Scurdie Ness Lighthouse.
Coastal Road Trip, Montrose, Scurdie Ness, South Esk, Dolphins
As we walked along we were followed by a pod of dolphins playing in the South Esk.
Coastal Road Trip, Montrose, Scurdie Ness, South Esk, Dolphins
They seemed to be having great fun.



Coastal Road Trip, Arbroath Abbey, Julian, Jarno
Checking out the remains of Arbroath Abbey.  We’ve really had our fair share of castle, cathedral and abbey remains along this trip 😉
Coastal Road Trip, Arbroath Signal Tower Museum
Arbroath Signal Tower Museum on the sea front.



Coastal Road Trip, Dundee, The McManus Dundee's Art Gallery & Museum
The McManus, Dundee’s Art Gallery & Museum.
Coastal Road Trip, Dundee, Desperate Dan Statue, Jarno
A cartoonish character in a funny hat, and Desperate Dan.


St Andrews

Coastal Road Trip, St Andrews, Castle
The evening light on St Andrews’ Castle (yes, another ruin).
Coastal Road Trip, St Andrews, Castle, Entrance, Bridge
As it was late in the day, the castle was now closed, so we wandered around the outside of the castle and the charming St Andrew’s lanes.
Coastal Road Trip, St Andrews, Cobbled Street
All was quiet, now that most of the tourists had left for the day.
Coastal Road Trip, St Andrews, Cobbled Street, Cottage
A typical stone cottage on the way back to our car.  Next stop Glenrothes for the night.


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  1. hey hey – found the dolphins ! Catterline Bay is down on the list for the canoe trip. Never knew Desperate Dan was Scottish ? Been to Dunnottar Castle (saw a puffin!)

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